The Wildlife Trusts are very grateful for support from members and legators. This support accounts for the majority of our income and is vital to our efforts to secure nature’s recovery.
Grants for particular projects are received from local authorities, statutory agencies and governments through rural development programmes. Landfill Tax Credits have also provided vital support for land purchase and community engagement. The support of key lottery operators and distributors, the Heritage Lottery Fund, the BIG Lottery Fund and People’s Postcode Lottery is greatly appreciated as is that from a wide range of charitable Trusts.
The Wildlife Trusts enjoy many partnerships and relationships with businesses right across the UK. Each Wildlife Trust pays RSWT a small annual contribution meaning that The Wildlife Trusts UK office is run on around 2% of the organisation’s overall income. Just as Trusts are keen to reflect their true local ownership and be accountable to their local members, it is equally important that the central charity (RSWT) is fully owned and working directly for the 47 Trusts. In 2012 governance changes took place and RSWT’s Council is now comprised entirely of Wildlife Trust Chairs and Chief Executives. This is replicated in other federated charity structures, and is thought to be the most effective method of working, binding a movement like ours closer together. RSWT's purpose is "to lead the movement's development, to build trust and to represent the interests of the movement whenever a strong united voice is required."

Where we spend our money

How we spend our money

You can find further information on our work in our Annual Review and full, detailed and transparent accounts of how RSWT money is being spent in our Annual Reports and Accounts, which are  available here .

Find out more about supporting our work here .

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