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Devon Wildlife Trust beaver release Devon Wildlife Trust beaver release

Devon Wildlife Trust is raising funds for the River Otter Beaver Trial, the first of its kind in England. You can help us and become part of this unique chapter in England's natural history.

For the first time since they were hunted to extinction in the 1700s, England has a wild beaver population.  This is a landmark for nature conservation in England. So often wetalk about the loss of species - this is an example of an animal that has been brought back.

The beavers are staying, but they still need your help.

To make a donation to Devon Wildlife Trust, please click here - thank you!

It took almost 12 months of hard work: presenting the case in favour of the beavers to government ministers and local landowners, holding public meetings for residents to air their views, and not least, planning all the details of a monitoring project. Now Devon Wildlife Trust has secured the best possible result: a future for beavers on the river Otter.

Natural England has granted Devon Wildlife Trust a five year licence to monitor the beavers with a view to them remaining in the wild in the longer term.

Local community shows support

The local community in Ottery St Mary shows its support for Devon's wild beavers at a public meeting in 2014.

What happens next?

Now the hard work really begins. The River Otter Beaver Trial is England's first wild beaver re-introduction project, so it is central to the future of the beaver as a wild animal in this country.

Devon Wildlife Trust will be monitoring the effects of beaver activity on the river:

  • What impacts are the beavers having on a landscape of farms and villages?
  • How can we measure the effects the beavers have on other wildlife?
  • How does beaver activity affect woodlands and vegetation?
  • How do beavers effect water flow and water quality?
  • What impact could they have on migratory fish?
  • How well can beavers and people get along in the long term?

Future decisions on the release of beavers in England will be informed by the results of this trial. If you back the return of the beaver, here's one way you can help today!

Devon Wildlife Trust must now fund the five-year River Otter Beaver Trial. Defra has made it clear there will be no public funds available. The initial response from beaver supporters has been fantastic and we have raised over £57,000, which allowed us to get started. But we still have a long way to go.

If you would like to back Devon’s beavers and be part of this new chapter in the history of the English countryside, you can make a donation here Thank you!

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