Before beginning the mural, artist ATM visited Ryde in search of some marine inspiration.

Living Seas officer, Tim Ferrero showed ATM around Ryde’s underwater meadows. The fragile sea grass beds are home to seahorses, juvenile fish and cuttlefish.

Day 1

Having chosen to paint a cuttlefish, ATM begins work. The picture will take three days to paint, freehand, from a tall tower scaffold.

Day 2

The cuttlefish is growing in size and the final details begin to go in.

Day 3: Completion

On completing the mural, ATM hopes that this painting will "call attention to the beauty and importance of living creatures that are so often overlooked, and whose needs are so often ignored".

ATM's mural is located on:

Museum Road 
PO1 2L J

(Image Credit: Paul Gonella, James Sheehy & Alex Mustard 2020VISION)

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